Four years of experience to talk about the grassroots webmaster that is not easy

In fact,

3 days ago to write this article, but due to the recent work too busy, just to finish the project today, drink, write this article originally early to write articles. 3 days ago to the title of the article is not so, but "more than the Internet, all grassroots webmaster also". But it seems to have weighed down, there are a lot of literary statements to match on a title. Just think of, or some ordinary, I those countrified literary or not out loud.

why do I want to talk about grassroots webmaster is not easy, because I think, grassroots webmaster not only have a good idea, there are some extraordinary skills. A grassroots webmaster, do the web page, when the editor, engage in the SEO, understand the website operation and maintenance. It can be said that the Internet is a rare comprehensive talent. Of course, you may want to refute me, the founder of hao123 who who who, is also a grassroots webmaster, he will not do a page, but also to do the general, how to become a bull. Please, people play is the idea, play is creative, play is the first in china.

take myself, every day all read those so-called successful entrepreneurial experience. Must have experienced a bumpy process. Had a chat with my boss, he said the Internet gangster, sincere words and earnest wishes to say to me, baby, you should’ve been born 20 years earlier, just do a comprehensive news website, adhere to the present, and the NetEase, sina is the same level of the Chinese portal, think about it.

can not say on the web site and entrepreneurship, but the station has a keen emotion, no matter what type of site has been done, always looking for a creative highlights. Because as a programmer, all the knock code, have been thought to cure public static, creative ideas suitable to epiphany.

grassroots webmaster are gathered in a variety of thinking to do some creative site, the starting point is good, the reality of terror. As a peer, I understand the feelings of grassroots webmaster, every morning, open the computer, take a look at their web site, and then look up today included, and then went to the advertising alliance to see how much the harvest yesterday. Then get up and eat something, think about today where to send the chain, today is not to write their own do not know will not be approved by the original article.

grassroots webmaster have a few dreams:

1 if the site every day on the flow of more than 10000, more than ten thousand good income.

2, if the Internet Co is a fancy, the acquisition of my website how good.

3 if hao123 is what I do.

4 what if I’m famous too.

do not know if you can not look at the majority of grassroots webmaster ideas, but I will not sleep every day. Of course, the world will not fall pie, even if it will not hit you.

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