Get up in the morning to say something new sites do not make money

a lot of friends have just joined the ranks of the individual stand, do a web site would like to immediately turn it into money, this mood we can understand, but it is not desirable.

there are several reasons, one is the new general little traffic, dozens of real IP, or even less, the lower the traffic means less likely to click ads, or even advertising, resulting in some advertising position advertising revenue was 0.

two is an excessive advertising will seriously affect the user experience, in the long run is not conducive to the accumulation of users and the gradual improvement of traffic. Especially in the pop-up ads on the site, if you place a large number of pop-up windows, for example, each page has a pop-up window, it will seriously affect the PV value of the site, which can be proved in a short period of time.

excessive focus on advertising revenue will reduce you in the content construction effort, if every day you read your advertisement income and does not adhere to update the contents, this is the The loss outweighs the gain.

my advice is to put up the content and flow, when the content and flow to a certain extent to advertising, the advertising revenue may one day a week than the construction site during the early January, even more than a year.

how much traffic can advertise? Different stations have different values, a simple example, intelligent mobile phone station, for example, I recently did the intelligent mobile phone portal (, earn 1IP, thank you) is not going to put any advertising, I think it IP 5000 advertising to do this, because the content of many sites, such as Zhongguancun and York, bubbles are doing, there are many mobile phone software download site, if I start to advertise on the site, will affect the user experience of UE users to our site and other similar sites compared to station will feel content my little, lack of popularity, the speed is not fast, gradually give up access to my station.

, for example, such as you do is industry portals, or industry information publishing brand, in recent years many industry station money Oh, have a water treatment, the monthly income is more than 20 thousand, a hardware supply and demand information network, 500IP daily, monthly advertising can reach more than 5 thousand, and extra the alliance advertising revenue. The industry portal, already a few companies in your website information, the information content of rough single, original content update proportion less, even if someone visits your site, you will feel is a garbage station only for advertising to make money.

today, I say these, I do not know how to feel the truth is not thorough, a little soft taste, in fact, my goal is to do a valuable to the reader.

can’t speak well.

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