The same monthly income of nearly million is difficult is easy

resolutely into the tide of Chinese regardless of personal danger in the network development site, believe that pure personal interest or to meet the growing public about the vast majority of players or for money, after all is a molecular material. Gold is hard to Amoy, two people may be successful, is a sub points do not, is a way not to seek the road to success by crooked heart, while different, but the result is successful, earn money, Amoy to gold, but the gold is flowing water, tomorrow is today stream flow, but also flow more, while the latter is not gold so, but like the rain, maybe one day even for a few days the money is also a dangerous situation, maybe even one day every day for several months of drought, low rain effect, smart people will try to artificial rainfall, but not smart? Dry dry crack collapse.

that’s the difference between a regular war and a dumpster. How many people do stand made China IT mogul, Ming, dark also, high-profile, low-key also. But from the bottom to the top is a long process, at least one or two years, this is a miracle, as many as three years to five years, or even a lifetime, life may not see the top. The majority in the long process of pain and suffering, even meager income to make ends meet, what to decide on what path to follow or give up, insist not to see the dawn, give up is very unwilling, but ruthless or variable, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, so many webmaster with tears and go to the top of the mountain, Huashan little heroes.

and others also do, do the station had discussed the visitor’s favor, won the favor spider, only need to update on a daily, monthly, wondering which alliance to make money, really boring into the background, look at the money geometry, don’t watch also earn so much, little more than three thousand monthly income, monthly income of million so, life is very comfortable, no need to worry about trouble, don’t hope to become rich famous, wife child hot Kang, the taste of life every day.

but refuse the webmaster? They go is a quick way to money fast, but they are short, do not go long, although the walk is not long, but the possibility of Amoy to gold is within reach.

acquisition forklift, who looked pleasing to the eye, was opened in the past round Chaogu, whether the soil is gold overall match to the database, finished construction of a project to understand the optimization of play spider, hit the number of war do not understand the optimization of the large flow of amazing, silver is put into it. Some people live by the spider, in turn, said that in fact spiders also playing them, play enough to end all the same, right down, sealing station, but also to them does not matter, because the early primitive accumulation has been completed, so the jubilant to enter the next project. Play spider, spider play…….

there, but also by a spider, basically do not look at the spider, what is that they rely on, is the flow of alliance, the search engine to him a 1800, and then use the amount of 1800 crazy exchange station inside edge ball link station full back shells fly, even enough to play every play halo >

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