Bottom entrepreneur Survival Report give you 5 million you will burn

Abstract: the bottom of the entrepreneurial team, although the size of the small number of people, but often faced with the problem of exposure and no less than a large team. If these problems can not be dealt with in a timely manner, it will not be like the rich Lord in the capital under the cover of the gradual settlement of the air, but because the team did not have the money and the embarrassment of the final amplification, a fatal problem.


BAT is not the Internet world, the U.S. group, Jingdong, Ctrip these star enterprise in the world, but more is the bottom of the entrepreneurial world, they have deep background, there is no strong technical support, and some may be just a small team, not too much money. Their living conditions are more worthy of attention. Based on this starting point, the author of the bottom of the entrepreneur survival report released for the exposure of the entrepreneurial team and common problems here to do a summary.

burn problem is perhaps the most entrepreneurs have to contact, not only is the U.S. group Jingdong in the burning, small platform is burning, and you do not want to burn, but the environment is forcing you to do so, buy the user’s bad habits are made of the practices of the industry heavyweights. Although there is no willful small team to the city "over 20 minus 15", but the first half of this single volume or burn to do.

in the wave of entrepreneurship, not everyone is on the capital in droves, remove the worry over dilution of shares are not that many teams fear the sudden arrival of financing, give you 5 million are not afraid to spend the flower, so we have it in the end how to spend 5 million. First to show the point of view: subsidies for businesses, burn the user as a supplement, pay attention to the media, while improving team treatment.

burn burn to the point is the man behind the

business platform

said many people burn subsidies to users, the author does not agree, users need subsidies, but not a big head. Have seen countless times to participate in the push to see the money is burned after the death of the team example. Instead of throwing endless money to the user, in exchange for fruit off the effect, why do you put the limited funds to businesses, subsidies to businesses, merchants will be guided to the passenger platform. Many people will argue, say how businesses get the user shunted to the platform, businesses are smart, this sentence is right, but mainly to see the product you offer, if it is simple tools, to help businesses expand resources, solve the store needs of users, businesses do not accept you, plus subsidies it’s not the sugar coated bullet, a quasi.

this reminds me of "Huihui shopping assistant" case, as a price case is exclusive for the electricity supplier, this will cause the user diversion, but for the convenience of users is affordable, plus a variety of subsidies, eventually became the user satisfaction, businesses receive products. Do the business subsidies we are doing, but just give money where enough, or to go for business needs, continuously improve the function of the platform, the platform such as the U.S. group of glutinous rice, strong in the wider population, number of users, but the disadvantages are also very clear, for each specific business needs too little research.

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