From watercress to know almost literature slow company is the time to make a transition

Abstract: micro-blog, WeChat and even now the popular broadcast platform, there is a reward function, one can create a good article, the author of the video, has not only want to get the harvest and satisfaction in spirit, they should also get money from content creation.


this is from the beginning of bad people make fun of young artists.

from the beginning of the decline of watercress, all passengers are back, there are micro envelope off, the entire Internet is full of businessmen mercenary and vulgar.

Buy buy buy

Ma Yun’s dad, half of the Internet circle named Ma; wolf factory spent 20 billion to put no poetic takeaway, "Yan Wang" on the Internet the first small fresh begging not tempted; cannon the Xinhua news agency to disable the network language at random.

giants no about the mediocre people’s aesthetic, the TM is a high cold, what in the world? Kochi, Wen Qing, is the enemy of the Internet


also has a silent poet pony and a prominent personality of Wang Xiaochuan. That’s right, they joined up to perhaps one of the most powerful websites on the internet".

knows the C $55 million round of financing, lead investor is a Tencent and Sogou, with investment before investors Saif, Qiming venture and innovation workshop.

this investment really is not more than O2O billion dollars at several areas; development of knowledge is not fast, 2011 up to now the development of C wheel drops, U.S. has been valued at more than $10 billion huge monster.

almost almost know the traditional Internet development model only lucky. Social chain communication, PC end development, pure Internet operations.

is different from the United States and drops of O2O, but also different from the millet hardware + system model, know almost a slow company, but also a UGC based model of the company.

good bestie, YY Lei boss Li Xueling used to UGC is very obsessed, he is said to have said, UGC TM is really a good stuff, the users themselves play for you to create value. He has embraced UGC way to redo the media, insist on doing RSS blog subscriptions.

know almost from the knowledge community, indeed with the UGC model of the accumulation of users and content.

on the move, know almost worrying performance. Appannie data show that in the overall ranking of iOS, or APP ranked 200 in the vertical line, social class, ranking 10~14; in Google Play, the overall ranking of 100 or so, the vertical social ranks around 7.

, however, want to rely on UGC know almost, but suffered a torrent of times.

because the content began to want to make money, and the content has been able to make money.


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