The way of life and death experience business empire

cheetah co-founder, President and CTO Xu Ming for the students to share the feelings of Israel’s trip

dark horse said: Israel, a distant and mysterious country, is also a country of entrepreneurship. In the end is what kind of strength in this barren land to produce a new civilization?

in mid May, dozens of entrepreneurs, as the founder of the "dark horse tour of Israel two period" to investigate israeli. Along the way, they gain a lot. The night before leaving Israel, cheetah co-founder, President and CTO Xu Ming summed up the Israeli trip brought him to think about entrepreneurship. Chinese entrepreneurs in the end what can learn from Israel, please see Xu Ming’s wonderful sharing.

oral | cheetah co-founder, President and CTO of Xu Ming

finishing | I horse Zhao Shuyan

Israel verified entrepreneurial ideas

Israel, the Jewish state, there are many contradictions. For example, 60% of the land is desert; the population of the Nobel prize winner of the 20%; in a world of Arabia, a country of religious centralization, there is a democratic country, etc.. Contradiction represents a kind of opposition, I believe that contradiction is the driving force for the development of things.

after so many days of travel experience, I found that there are a lot of things in this country can verify our entrepreneurial ideas. I simply analyze.

the Five Middle East War, all Israel is to win, why? I think it is not because of luck, not because the Arabia national suck, but because there is no retreat, transportation is a crowning calamity. Here is the difference between entrepreneurs and workers. For entrepreneurs, this is a life; for migrant workers, this is just a piece of meat. The land of Israel, for the Arabia countries, it is a piece of meat, there is no piece of meat are OK. But for Israel, this is a life of it. If there is no land, all the people of Israel will continue to wander, to have no fixed abode, continue to go wandering all over the world. So, this is the most fundamental reason why Israel is known as the "entrepreneurial Empire".

to date, Israel has gone through three stages. I will use some of the cheetah to reflect each other.

what is the first stage of entrepreneurship?. Whatever you do, do, do other O2O software services, we are like this, must go to verify their mode in a relatively small range, after verification by the user reputation, line development customers find resources to replicate this model. To find a base of their own is very critical, if Chairman Mao did not base, how can there be a liberation of the whole of China? You have a base, you can continue to transport nutrients, transport the entire knowledge system. Through the Five Middle East War, Israel gained its foothold and basis.

What are the second stages of


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