s it really that easy

what is the most entrepreneurial fire now, I’m afraid most people will say that the content of entrepreneurship, especially in the Papi sauce, such as after the fire, and so on, the content of entrepreneurship is increasingly known and spread. In the IP network, flying red eruptions and national creative blowout today, the content industry tide seemed to move towards the era of unprecedented prosperity.

in the capital of winter in 2015, the content of entrepreneurship is extremely hot, and even the media will be 2015 as the first year since the media". At the beginning of this year, Papi sauce series of short video is the popularity of the content of entrepreneurship to climax, so many people from the media to see the content of the entrepreneurial era is surging.

this year, the birth of the order of tens of millions of users, WeChat public valuation of billions of dollars, which makes a lot of people marching through the WeChat platform for content creation, and high-quality, original content has also been a lot of capital at.

this time, Sina micro-blog also in the promotion of what the Reds festival activities, a time of various users ready to, even the big V are also actively involved in.

you only see some network red bright, can the content of entrepreneurship really so easy? Do you think taking photos and video, writing can pat the fire? No kidding! In fact, now PGC content Chinese 95% of the market are not making money.

although the choice of more and more platforms, but the content producers are still lack of traffic. And most entrepreneurs can not rely solely on the interest and love to survive, PGC content does not produce cash, direct threat will be the original content of the ecological cycle.

but what kind of attractive quality content, according to Tencent in the first quarter 2016 earnings report, WeChat and W echat combined monthly active accounts at the end of the quarter grew by 39% to $762 million. Tencent when the effect of advertising revenue for the quarter grew 90% to RMB 2 billion 532 million yuan, it is mainly driven by the Q Q mobile phone version of the space, Tencent news, WeChat circle of friends and WeChat public account advertising revenue increase.

so do content entrepreneurship, you need:

A. determination mode

you are choosing to live video, chicken soup, or do a hand piece? The maximum dynamic content creation comes from love. Internet tools make it possible for anyone with a hobby to create and connect with a common fan to create interactive and economic value. So to capture the user’s interest, the production of the corresponding content, will greatly improve your success rate.

two. Content original

original content is fundamental, but no original content how to do? Can bring their own products and services, solve user needs and problems, the core competitiveness is the best content, the spread of the source is the best. From a different perspective to the output of valuable content. You can also find inspiration from the Internet, like some cartoons or videos

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