How to reach the agreement between investors and entrepreneurs under the fragmentation of mass Entre

recalls the development of China’s venture capital circles in recent years, "fast" the word may be the first time a lot of people will think of the description. We do not even have to go back fifteen years ago, Ma and Ma Huateng overseas financing, even in the past seven years ago, after the economic crisis, China’s venture capital is sporadic rise. For a long time, venture capital in China is in a low frequency trading environment, the number of investment institutions and venture capital is not much. However, with the rapid development of China’s Internet business environment, venture capital industry has undergone great changes, whether it is investment institutions or entrepreneurial projects have experienced an outbreak.

there is no doubt that this outbreak is bound to make investment and financing docking become the key hub, but this is not a smooth docking.

for investors, the project is more, but there is no proportional increase in good projects, investors in order to find as many projects as possible, we must look at a large number of projects in the short term.

Zhou Zijing, founder of

capital, said, "now there are dozens or even hundreds of projects in each of the business segments, investors have to face great noise". The noise is composed of a large number of projects and segments of the information, although these projects and segments may represent the future direction of the development of the industry, but investors are still traditional screening methods and inefficient. Many investors may not have a unified entrance project, basically rely on acquaintances up and participate in some media shows as the project source, may not exist before the pre screening project to see.

it is clear that the rapid increase in the number of entrepreneurs and a large number of "noise" to "find a good project," this work is more slow, it may be even more difficult.

for entrepreneurs, although the investment institutions in recent years experienced an outbreak, but the increase in the number of far less than the rate of increase in the number of entrepreneurs. In the era of "mass entrepreneurship", the competition of entrepreneurs financing is more intense.

The current

in many areas there have been a lot of development, unless it is to master the core technology like Magic Leap that the project will have a competitor, or the most entrepreneurial team can only choose the segments in the mature industry to do more exploration, and this also means that many of the real track are full of people. The timing is important when technology is not so important, and earlier financing may mean greater, or even decisive, business opportunities.

but want to finance is not easy, when the technology or creativity does not have obvious advantages, many are unable to expect the results of luck.

in addition, the fierce competition also pushed up the financing requirements of entrepreneurs. When most people have little difference between the level of entrepreneurial projects or to present, have more channels of entrepreneurial projects naturally are more likely to get the opportunity to communicate with investors, therefore, are more likely to get the final investment.

in response to the above situation, the investment market has emerged a lot of new attempts, the recent launch of a platform is the gold consultant".


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