8868 hand travel trading platform CEO season is still Forbes the 30 entrepreneurs under the age of

(August 25th) afternoon, the 2015 will be held at Forbes venture cyanine during rendezvous, and announced in 2015 China "30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old" list, Mobile Games third party trading platform leading 8868 Mobile Games trading platform (www.8868.cn) CEO are elected, and attended the ceremony.

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season is still, 28 years old, the founder of the 8868 hand travel trading platform and CEO, the well-known game player, has a wealth of mobile Internet gaming experience. 26 years old in 2012, founded in Guangzhou, the 8868 hand travel trading platform, is committed to building a mobile phone game in the field of professional vertical electricity supplier. Won the 2014 Red Bull business model of the year March 2015, was selected in, Forbes, China’s top 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 list. In the tide of the rapid development of mobile games, the season is still the original CBC embedded transaction mode, only a short period of 2 years, 8868 Mobile Games trading platform has grown into a leading and unique Mobile Games trading site. As of March this year, 8868 months of water has more than $30 million.

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as a young entrepreneur, and research in the game trading field and Practice for many years, is to create 8868 season Mobile Games trading platform in the first version has experienced many twists and turns, but after adjustment after entering a period of rapid development. In 2013 6 to complete product development and in July launched the test at the beginning of 2014; adjust the business direction, into account based trading platform launched in May; "the first charge" concept in the industry, and launched the "retreat travel treasure", "every day the sale of other heavy products. Entered in 2015, the company has matured, and business performance is very eye-catching.

the key to all success, with the 8868 hand travel trading platform (wp.8868.cn) original CBC (that is, the season is still known as the C2B2C model) has a close relationship. 8868 platform to completely break the traditional trading platform C2C transaction model, and the introduction of innovative launch can effectively avoid fraud, false trading and other CBC transaction model. With the game makers to get through the data, through the official before the seller’s goods such as accounts, equipment and other frozen in the Buyers after the system notifies the game official delivery, to complete the transaction through the service platform. The introduction of CBC model, not only to enhance the overall success rate of hand travel related transactions, while users are most concerned about the safety and efficiency, to establish a 8868 platform is difficult to shake the core competitiveness.

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