The road of the nternet fine smell rose senior webmaster share the road of nuggets

Internet prone to mistakes, if you are good at summing up, it is often the mother of innovation.

Liu Xiang’s "xinxuand" one story: Yan Yi Wang in the state of chaos. Qi Min Wang to Yan, Yan’s treasure will spare none, all back to qi. Yi king died, Yan state revival, prince ascended the throne for Yan Zhao wang. The elite, the throne after the Synod, and reward the recruitment of the magi.

he said to Guo Wei, "because of the turmoil in China, the state of Qi has seized the opportunity to break through our country.". I know I was weak, not what can return mr.. But to be like like Mr. Magi, Snow King shame, is my wish. If Mr. feel feasible, but also hope that Mr. help. Guo Wei said: I have heard in the past to the daughter of the king for horse. After three years, I still can’t find it. After finding a dead horse, took five hundred and twenty gold to buy the bones of it, to kings cross. The king was furious: "I want you to buy a horse, you take the dead horse a job!". The man replied: "even if the dead horse, you are also willing to take five hundred and twenty gold strike, and you know this is a live? The world’s sincerity and vision, will find everything for you."

was not a year, we got two horse. Now you want to get their start from my Guo kui. I like this fool can get your appreciation, and is more elite talent? You can immediately get the horse. So the king for Guo Kui built a mansion, called kokushi. Then, come, since Zou Yan Wei Yue Qi came to play, since the Xin Zhao came from the world, competing Yan’s dedication to the magi.

comment: this story is clearly beyond the Failure is the mother of success., to win without pride and life doctrine, but will fail, false ascension has become a competitive advantage.

I love IT technology network Summary: the above analysis of the story is a strategic success. Why don’t we do the Internet innovation strategy of reflection on the wood? History of Rob of the University of Denver. Suteng (Robert Sutton) Weird Ideas That Work "mentioned in the book:" creative in both reward success and reward in case of failure, to strive for excellence. "Failure is part of our culture," says David Kelly, founder of IDEO, a well-known design firm. Kelley. We call it heuristic trial error. Old president Roosevelt also has a similar saying: "any decision, the best result is to do the right thing.". The next best result was a mistake. The worst thing is to do nothing.

in the following story, we can learn how to lead to success because of ignoring mistakes, and how to miss the opportunity because you care about mistakes and don’t take action. The story is that Columbo discovered America’s new continent. In 1453, East Rome, the imperial capital of Constantinople (Constantinople) fell to the Ottoman turks. Before that, Europeans enjoyed a trip to Asia

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