Didi founder Cheng Wei about the history of Entrepreneurship drops is to pass through

"after the idea of entrepreneurship, I consulted the people around, all people say not fly. But this is normal, this is the first venture, only to pull this off can be successful. At the beginning (2011, the driver master, the smart phone has not yet universal), everyone told me that the driver did not even have a smart phone, do not think of the idea of a taxi software……"



titanium media drops and fast, a hitherto unknown China in the history of the Internet burn war in 2014, and then again in 2015 with lightning. To outsiders, it’s like a dream. But in the process of CEO drops dimensional view, it is natural to hard work and after.

entrepreneurial class in the organization, Cheng Wei shared the hardships of the creation process. He kept saying: hard to mention incapable of action, God can give you open a window.

A review of the

by the road of entrepreneurship, Cheng Wei said, he believes, when trying to incapable of action when God will open a window.

from looking for technical partners, to the next line of business development, and then with the opponent in the market head-on collision. Countless drops of an impasse, but to do everything possible to win, they finally went today. With the rapid merger, is considered the next most likely to be listed, and the scale of billions of dollars of the company. The following is the dimension of oral, from the financial world reporter Zhu Xiaopei record, slightly by the titanium Media Editor:

venture on the road are lonely

at the time of entrepreneurship, I told myself, concentrate on the company, not to share the so-called experience within 3 years. I think it is still out of business to share, are bragging. If you just do seven or eight very, it will blow up to one hundred points; do it very well, it will be blown into the seven or eight of the five or six.

decided to participate in the decision to share, because I have a deep understanding of the situation of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is lonely on the road.

first, I work in Alipay, decided to start a business, not directly to resign but in Ali spent 9 months in, want to start doing what. At that time felt a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities, but now want to come, when the idea of entrepreneurship is very shallow.

needs to start early impulse, but can not always rely on impulse, and finally must form their own judgment on business.

U.S. mission network CEO Wang encouraged me to venture out. At that time, Wang Xing has started three or four times, and he has the experience of business has its own value judgment.

dance with giant in the shadow of the giant

I have been living in the shadow of the giants, this is an era background.

early, BAT venture, when the giant is HUAWEI, Vanke, and they do not understand the internet. But today, the giant

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