Preemptive domain name is not the best only the most appropriate

yesterday morning, I used to look at some SEO data and information on the Internet, that is, to prepare for the update. However, inadvertently found a domain name is not registered, but the.Net suffix. But this domain name is perfect for SEO’s Web site. That’s I also query some other suffixes, such as.Com., cn.,,,,, name and info, that are registered. Dangdang is.Net, not registered. I think the domain name must be registered to others, may be forgotten renew or what. I have no idea. But this domain name is really good, just.Net, of course, it is more difficult to register.Com. So I don’t care. 37 or twenty-one is registered.


after the registration I remembered this domain name is the K domain name search engine, if I take the domain name how to do the SEO site? If the search engine does not include how to do and so on my mind.

so I take the following most common way to see this domain name, what site was used before, whether it has been K too.

the first step: check the domain name, what site has been done before, open, enter the domain name you want to query, and then press Take Me Back.

if you’ve done a website, you’ll have data showing it. You can also determine whether the domain name is an old domain name by looking at the website, history page, web site, world ranking, and so on. It turned out that the domain name was registered in December 11, 2004. Register this domain name, it is a network company of Shanghai originally. Query 2004-2008 years have done any other garbage sites, no, the domain name seems to be in June 2006, this domain name on the disabled, and the following pages are blank.

second step: query whether the domain name by search engine K, in fact, this problem is very simple.

method 1:

opens Baidu and enters in Baidu’s search column. If you have a record and use without record, it means the domain name is K.

method two:

1, through the site: / link: two search instructions, check the domain name collection, if included as 0, but the external connection is many, then this domain name has been K.

2, directly in the search engine input site address inquiries, if you find a few of the results are complete, including the domain name, and site have, this domain name is likely to have been K. (there’s no possibility that the search engine index is not there

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