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There are a lot of news and commentary

recently around the Ministry of Railways "a new generation of ticket system", in fact I want to speak, but to really say to withstand the test of time, live up to the audience, not disappoint fans, responsibilities, really need time, space, information. Just now the eleven long vacation, there is time to write a long blog, talk about their views.

Part 1, my understanding of the Ministry of Railways ticketing system.

According to the Information Office of the Ministry of Railways

information disclosure (, a new generation of ticket system mainly includes procurement and construction of 12306 outlets, customer service website, website customer service voice and Internet access security, electronic payment platform, system network, train service, marketing decision-making, system monitoring, system testing environment, access security, room outlets the environment of hardware and software supporting system. And the application of the system software, "the new generation of ticket system is the original railway ticket system upgrade, in order to ensure the continuity and development of application software system supporting functions, undertaken by the original railway ticket system R & D units — Chinese electronic railway science research institute."

from the disclosure of information is not difficult to conclude that the Tai Chi and the same side is the main job of hardware and supporting system ", which is the core of information system, application software, the quality of independent development"". From the time point of view, September 14th has just announced the Tai Chi "a new generation of ticket system, hardware equipment should be in the original factory warehouse, more than 300 million investment is not available, now in use should be" the original railway ticket system". In this sense, the exposed sites lack of capacity, safety protection ability is poor, poor experience, it explains the importance of the current system upgrading and urgency; and in this phase of the project, the construction company, the introduction of external implementation of safety monitoring and decision-making system.

, the second part, my views on the planning and design of the railway passenger ticket system and the new generation ticketing system.

1: the Ministry of railways, as a representative of traditional industries, still has some misunderstandings about the construction of information systems, which may include:

1) heavy hardware and light software are common problems in domestic information projects. The leadership hardware put there, and my heart at ease; the evaluation software is difficult to quantify, especially the cost of software developed in the end how to calculate? 70% of the investment is the general system hardware, software only accounted for 20-30%, but which also contains the security software, software tools, application software is sent a lot of time. 330 million, the investment may seem small, but how much will the investment in software be?

2) for a service enterprise, customer oriented ticketing, customer service, payment and other links should be the most important concerns of the application system, that is, >

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