The tiger has come 2010 grassroots webmaster can say

year plan is spring, spring has arrived, everything began to recover, but the Internet has yet to see the Spring Festival figure. Chinese lunar new year has passed, hoped that can cause the tiger a tiger with wings added, strive for further improvement, but after the network hit a kill webmaster confidence. For the grass roots station, the tiger year is just a cold winter,


in the beginning, the ministry began borrowing power to do evil ". A heavy notice let the grass roots after years of joy suddenly disappeared, "the Ministry: webmaster to IDC to take pictures to record data verification". Filing is originally very difficult thing, I do not know the efficiency of the relevant departments, or grassroots sub station does not match, in short, a website can successfully record, are quite costly. Now put forward "record site" is "nonsense", so that Heilongjiang’s webmaster to Guangdong to "live for the record"? That’s tough,

network related policy has been whirling, still unpredictable to relevant departments for the grass-roots webmaster meaning, this is to encourage or against individual owners? If allowed to record and file specific consent webmaster status and personal website is legal, is encouraged to do station; then why not put forward a feasible the program can make a website? Only 200 dollars, and 2000 dollars for the record need (because the site for the record), for the grass-roots webmaster, it is extremely inconvenient and difficult to withstand the pressure. Why is it so difficult to record websites in China? Why is it that in China, the grass roots webmaster is in the wall?

Ministry of personal website hosting, originally is a good thing, to personal webmaster do stand, but also proposed to be authenticated and photographed the scene, let many webmaster back. This is equivalent to a person, promised to give a way out, but he set up an impassable gap, this is the reality. A in the A5 forum poll in 2010 to the present I website for personal webmaster will you go? ", 186 people participated in the survey, 101 people choose not to go to the site for the record, it is almost impossible to complete things, there are 58 people to choose another way of living, leaving the station team". For the webmaster, the scene for the record, is a severe blow, is a ridiculous policy,

Internet policy has not been flat since then, and many people are watching. Network policy is not an absolute standard, today and tomorrow there will be lots of changes, let grassroots difficult to go along with the policy "". Some policy adjustments for the relevant departments, it is difficult to make people feel confused, do not know when the end. From the beginning of the second half of 2009, the network has continued to strike hard campaign, still can not see the stop sign, although the name of "clean network environment" banner, but did not see significant improvement, so many innocent personal website instead of an impasse, facing the embarrassing situation of unemployment. For the immediate outcome, I wonder if anyone pays the bill.


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