Confessions of a restaurant off the record burn 7 lesson one million to buy the light


August 2014, Dong’s breakfast from burning one million, from the kitchen, and the food supplier delivery team to the supply chain have their own preparations, the risk and responsibility control in their own hands.

however, in this era of Internet entrepreneurs, a variety of heavy assets is obviously outdated. Dong entered the breakfast O2O at the beginning, the market is still a thriving. Now O2O breakfast market competition intensified, but helpless to Dong from the stage of history.

in the coming out of the market on the occasion, an internal management personnel will be seven’s entrepreneurial failure lessons from the breakfast written, hoping to bring reference to other players of the big tide.

1 early budget shortfall of

2014 August, Dong’s breakfast started to raise 1 million of its own funds, according to " ensure the operation of 6-8 months, " kitchen equipment and personnel are ready to calculate the amount of funds. Mainly for Guangzhou local white-collar breakfast service.

and "virgin" entrepreneurship through a book mentioned, venture funds needed at least doubled than the calculated, barely able to cope with the process will continue the unexpected funding needs, especially when you need to run a direct consumer oriented end consumer brands, to brand management and promotion expenses are a must.

2 financing awareness is weak

until 2015 June, when Dong’s breakfast money started when there is a problem, we began to consider the financing issues, but it was too late. Especially not much experience of financing the US, over the past two months to run run roadshow, investors, most of the time feeling in tuition, but these fees also consume our most precious time!

3 ignore marketing

‘s not specialized marketing partner, we thought that a good product will speak, should believe that word of mouth in the mobile network era now will soon play tricks. In fact, we rely on word of mouth for growth rate and data, in the eyes of many investors is the lack of attraction.

"entrepreneurial dimension Jian, how to accomplish more difficult than difficult" this book has mentioned that this world even if the good products, the need for an excellent sales staff, to promote it out.

4 cross industry of war

The main founder of

Dong’s team from headhunting, pharmaceutical sales industry, cross industry really let us take a lot of detours. This is a " Product Manager " in the era, any one industry spawned enterprises need convincing products. The Dong team in the stage of gold business, because not familiar with the industry, has not been a good product manager to do it.

5 too much upfront investment, cost >

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