Liu Huanbin square dance teaching network case of inspiration for SEO


seovip and Baidu SEO recently Guide founder Liu Huanbin on the site to share a square dance teaching network SEO case, this is a successful case of SEO, just six months to put this square dance popular keywords do Baidu third, the first is Baidu video. So it can be said is ranked second in the short term, to do this effect is very powerful, so here is Xiao Jun by some inspiration about the SEO case to do SEO for our simple analysis.


square dance teaching network SEO basic situation (click to see the big picture)

Pictured above is

with the webmaster tools SEO queries in the query to the basic information of the website tools, you can see the domain name age of only 6 months, PR3, Baidu weight 6, Baidu traffic is expected to sixteen thousand, while the expected flow is the main source of keywords square dance, square dance in the Baidu keyword index in recent months mean more than 67000 in recent days, the index is more than 80000, the maximum time is one hundred and forty thousand, the square dance in the word is estimated to get ten thousand + IP other words every day, plus some SEO traffic, SEO traffic estimation every day through the key words to have several of the ten thousand, only half a year for a website that has been very good, here are some simple SEO to this station analysis.

1, content architecture and layout

keyword analysis

to square dance as the axis, keywords expansion, divided into two main sections of the square dance square dance and dance dance team, in addition to the square dance square dance and self information two related column also increases, let website content is more rich, more able to meet the information needs of users, each column such as single dance square dance dance of the page, all the polymerization dance related content, such as music from which dance team, dance teaching, dance and other dance music information, navigation, the website is very good to highlight the key word of the square dance.

keyword mining


is the main access to Baidu keyword through the cellular system, can be very good to show the search keywords, but also reduce the keywords many other ways of work, which for the keywords SEO in mining (especially mining long tail keywords) is very helpful and valuable, and then through the keyword mining the content of the update.

keyword layout

, as in the previous keyword analysis, is the keyword expansion of the square dance axis, and from the web site, the layout of the keyword is very tight, >

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