Anhui cultural network Webmaster personal charity website difficult road

September 8, 2007 is the name of the domain name registration of Anhui culture network. Now, I even can’t remember when the domain name registration situation, it is difficult to say the original registration of the establishment of such a site plans in this domain, perhaps also a may be prompted by a sudden impulse, a stimulus, but look at this year’s road, there are many hard feelings.

in retrospect, the time spent in Anhui is more than that of any other site in the When people say, Anhui cultural network after more than a year of trial operation, officially launched, this cycle is long, and the process in the middle can be said to be extremely difficult.

a year, brewing, and eventually launched the Anhui first culture network.

is a year, maybe a long one, and a short one. In a person’s life, this is not a very short period of time, but from the point of view of time, the year has gone too fast. This time of the year, is personal in searching through, on the one hand, try to search and organize all aspects of the data, the classification of Anhui with the relevant historical data collect information; on the other hand, planning and promoting the development of the site and improve step by step, from the website structure, function, classification, content selection module, even division of the forum and so on, these are trivial but time-consuming. While I was at work, I groped for such a seemingly unpromising website. At the same time, I spend most of my time reading books related to it. It is used to supplement the knowledge because it is not a cultural work. It has never been involved in this kind of content before.

is the initial prototype on the website, with a website to attend a conference in Anhui station, the friend of all, no one thinks of this promising site, and lists a variety of reasons, tell me the website does not have a future, don’t do it, nor any person interested in this website. After coming back, seriously consider all the people’s statement, tell yourself, insist on doing what you like and want to do, stick to it, no matter how the result, this is a process of conquering yourself.

insisted for more than a year, and finally chose in September 2008, the official launch of the site, and the site name from the original Anhui history network, changed its name to Anhui cultural network.

two, a year to start, and finally on the right track into the road.

from the formal line to the present year, we have experienced a lot, but also grew a lot. Difficulties are unavoidable, but those who do not fall before difficulties will have the opportunity to overcome them. If we did not fall back, we would still have the courage to overcome difficulties.

this year, the site development is not as good as imagined, but it is gratifying to have attracted a group of people’s concern and attention, in February due to the continuous increase in website traffic and content, >

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