A5 website transaction Download Station special event 9 21 is about to open

celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, welcome national day, A5 webmaster network, website trading "Download Station special activities" 9.21 is about to open, the current recruitment registration in

As long as you have the

download station wants to sell, whether it is software download, download, games, pictures, novels, movies or material document download station, as long as the quality is good the price is, we can be submitted to the registration. Free to promote your website (do not show web site, retain privacy)

special event time: —10 September 21st 30,


1. sites suspected of illegal, political, gambling and other sensitive words can not participate in activities

2. site must ensure that traffic, income is true, do not boast, do not hide

3. site price is reasonable, please refer to specific market price. For website evaluation, please contact A5 website agent

(in order to avoid problems in the transaction, the site handover, A5 site broker to assist and record throughout, in strict accordance with the A5 intermediary process, to ensure that buyers and sellers quickly and safely handover website)

sign up, please contact A5 website broker, do not charge any other fees, transaction success charge 3% intermediary fee

details please visit:

A5 website trading "Download Station special event" 9.21 is about to open, the current recruitment registration,


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