How profitable is the classified information website

this is the article that younger brother saw before, write well, transfer to everybody. Made some changes,


, the content of

over the past two years, has been concerned about the classification of information at home and abroad related sites, and our classification of information stations, after nearly 1 years of planning and development, has also been on-line operation.

, this article. Just these two years summed up some of the classification site experience, experience and thinking and share with you webmaster. More hope to communicate with peers, learning, my contact information and website address will be published at the bottom of the article.

How should

two and classification information be classified?

classification information webmaster, we really understand what is classified information,


begins with the word "classification". The word "classification" in the dictionary is interpreted as: "according to the characteristics of the things, they are classified into two categories."." It seems very simple, and everyone does the same. But there is a deeper meaning of two words, read the "book of changes", people should remember the words "make friends of the same disposition and now the people, Birds of a feather flock together.", used to put the words "to Birds of a feather flock together., clustering." And these two words, in fact, is the true meaning of classification information.

is due to similar objects together, and divided the group, classified information website needs to do, is to provide such a people (users) and objects (information) a reasonable division of the platform, and the aim is to serve the users and information service.

we look at the classification of this site is good, Tianjin secondary market (

three, user categories: how to serve different groups of

What groups are the

classified information oriented? What users will come?


website the information classification, a category is equivalent to a circle of the site, and the circle formation, not previously mentioned, people with type in the form of people with a similar circle, but through the information content of this class is to circle the similarity information form. Therefore, the stickiness of the site users is not to rely on classification to adhere to the user, but rather to rely on information to stick to the user. What is the biggest difference between classifying sites on other Web2.0 sites?.

, such as "SNS" web site, is based on the user’s interests, geographical and so on to the main body of information classification aggregation. Blog, too? More people are the main part. And classified information website is based on information as the main body, users seek to meet their own needs of information, rather than human factors.

maybe someone will ask, "man is not the subject, where is the information?


I mentioned earlier that classification information is classified as information oriented, but user classification is not like information classification. Users need to be divided into

classified information webmaster, have you ever thought about your use?

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