How to use the forum to effectively build the chain

"content is king, the chain for the emperor" this sentence, I believe you are familiar with the webmaster. This gives our website construction put forward a development train of thought, that is excellent website must be content and the chain, two hands, two hands hard. Because the content is the soul of the website, the website has no soul value of what is said, surely, are difficult to arouse the interest of Internet users, but what about the profit point. Of course, if you have content, but do not know how to sell, no traffic, the content becomes meaningless. Some may say is not afraid of deep alley, but deep, estimated you in the competition in the team go forward with great strength and vigour were eliminated imperceptibly. So, if you want your site has long been active in this change rapidly in the network world, you must do two things: one is to do the content, valuable content, a viewpoint is given, leads to an idea, popular point is the site to have the goods; the two is on display at present, thousands on thousands of websites, silence is not broke, it must die in silence, to understand marketing. And the way that website popularizes at present, basically have blog promotion, Forum promotion, mail promotion, IM software promotion and competitive bidding rank and so on. Due to limited personal ability, I will focus on how to use the effective construction of the chain of the forum theme from the perspective of process starting, operation, and to share some of their own experiences, such as the wrong wrong, hope you heroes pointed out:

1. forum selection


wrote this article, I collected and registered 555 forums in two months. Every day I asked myself to register 25 forum, registered after the completion of the improvement of the account information, and make the necessary records on Excel, mainly related to the weight of the website, the initial authority registration restrictions, whether to allow the signature, website categories and new account, and actively tracking the chain change every day, then make a selection. The main criteria considered are as follows:

right to choose the major forum, the reason is very simple, one is the influence of the chain is of high quality, and the influence of the chain you do is to be included and included speed. For example, cattle Adsense network (weight 3) and A5 Adsense network (weight 6), the same is the webmaster class site, A5 included in the speed and stability are significantly higher than cattle webmaster.

Does the

select forum have personalized signatures, and do you support inserting links into your signature?. At present, most of the forum support forum signature, but the individual while supporting signatures, but limited adding links in the signature, such as the Miyun 360 forum, East Lake forum and Yibin Forum; or the signature display consumes a forum, such as Guangzhou forum and Qigihar forum users; some forum account regardless of grade level, are not supported character signature, such as Laohekou forum, world cafe forum and the South forum.

forum upgrade account pressure?. At present, most of the forum account permissions are gradually released according to the level, the general forum upgraded to two or three levels, that is, open signatures and post and other functions. Only a few forum exceptions, such as the Austrian forum, need to upgrade to advanced

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