t’s really not easy to stand up

is engaged in the Internet industry for several years, but there has never been a want to do stand ideas, recently may be headed now, want to do the webmaster impulse to idea idea, do you want to quickly, well, so I decided to make a stand, but now the site is in is too much, not enough to really don’t know what the site is good, think or want to provide a truly free online watch movie website for everyone, every day the movie network www.662112.cn

find Marx’s website program, bought a 3G space to begin my journey to do station, installation page design are relatively easy to complete, the rest of the things is to enrich the content inside, to do every friends will love here, come here to watch movies, so use a lot of time to design the web pages and content, can finally come to an end, because these are almost done, but there are still a big problem in me, that is Baidu included, because I know that Baidu spiders love the original things, so I put all the contents inside the site have been modified or added, hoping to let Baidu spider more love to come here to play, I collected more than page and the content of.

do now has done for nearly 1 weeks, it can be said that Baidu page have not included my site, really a bit discouraged, but fortunately, GOOGLE is very good, although not included, but is connected to the external collection of hundreds of other search engines. Also included the part, this is a small reward for me, therefore, although not included in Baidu, but as long as I want to continue to do so, I believe that Baidu big brother would still give me face, I have to give a collection of


Oh, today, the site within a problem, that is the problem of background data collection, collected movie content can not play the background when the page is generated HTML " ", this kind of index out of bounds; problems begin to be not get to know what the reason is, after a while that is, to solve the problem, now the site has returned to normal, can finally relax, take a deep breath! Feeling a little tired, dizziness, leg numbness at.

, in a word, really want to do a stand up really is not easy ah, I also do so many years of network, deep ah, this website www.662112.cn   just a simple movie website can make people hard, not to mention the large portal site station. It is a very simple procedure, but the most important is the promotion of the site is difficult to.

is now almost a week Baidu has not included a page, I still have to continue to work hard, hope to be in the fastest time to let Baidu spider love my chassis, I hope you are master can provide me with some of your marketing experience and skills, small.

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