Confused confused growth of grassroots webmaster

, an accidental opportunity has made me contact the network construction site, from beginning to now nearly two months. I used to know how to click on the web, play online games, watch movies, listen to music.

it was my most confused days, side had given me a greeting, a few days on holiday, what specific time holiday is not clear, although the first home in the year under the condition of the financial crisis, the holiday in advance what it means, and in the project department (I work in construction units) has spread too, first off is likely the company will you quit, chilling ah


that a few days of memories, emotional confusion and continuous low temperature, that a few days, temperature has been twenty degrees floating to minus fifteen, when I was browsing the web, see a message in the Baidu search: as long as you can type, you can build a website. I want to build a website really so simple? Then click to see its official website and all the information, he registered a member, to try the out of order, set up a website, what are inside, just do that on the line, and then the official contact, spent several hundred yuan. This website has released. Released a few days later, I also online to see how others build websites, what experience, but also want to share their experience in building, and build their own website better. But in looking back on your own website, find the website template is used to establish the company’s website, and I want to set up a novel website, music sites, movie website, game website or forum website, differ greatly in the template, I also do not understand the programming language, is a technical personnel building professional, this is not to be baffled layman? What should I do? How to start? In QQ to find a webmaster, and their owners who talk about their own confusion, listen to their experience of the site, the feeling is associated with the disease, especially do not understand what people want to set up a comparison satisfied with the site, some whimsical. The next few days, I read the THML programming language and ASP programming language, and then look at their video tutorials, and then download the "web Three Musketeers 2004 edition" series of software, make their own simple procedures, so have a further understanding of the programming language, and then every day to "webmaster nets" a turn, previously confused also maneuver and the solution.

on the second day after the new year’s bell, my "" online, and I still feel satisfied.

here, I want to give me the same in confusion, confusion in the station grassroots webmaster a little advice:

1. wants to build a website and must think about what type of site it wants to build;

2. download several programs, see the program language, what type of;

3. as a PM network staff, look at THM>

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