ndustry websites are surging auto articles

is a car enthusiast, often removed from the car Web Forum, there are often some friends ask what I want to buy a car to the site, where the full price information, what website popular forum is fire.

A lot of

now the car website also very miscellaneous, many riders, users want the Internet to find some information you need, don’t know where to go, so today I open a car website literacy stick, hope to be able to help those who just bought a car, ready to buy a car or a friend.

portal news consulting

this kind of website relies on the powerful brand of the door, the cognition of the netizen is quite tall. The main features are news and information, more timely, but they also have a lot of advertising, browsing is not very comfortable. Representatives of this field include Sina, Sohu, NetEase, TOM and other portal automotive channels.

Sina motors (http://s.auto.sina.com.cn)

Sohu Automotive (http://s.auto.sohu.com)

NetEase Automotive (http://s.auto.163.com)

TOM automobile (http://s.auto.tom.com)

car city information class

, let’s talk about the website with more information about the price reduction. Here I recommend the Pacific car and car home. Pacific car focused on Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and the four major cities, the price information is very timely, but the drawback is limited to these 4 cities. Car home car city information focuses on Beijing, in addition to its car information and pictures do well.

Pacific motor (http://s.www.pcauto.com.cn)

motor home (http://s.www.autohome.com.cn)

online car class

for those users to buy a car, I recommend car net, online auto market and easy car network.

is easy to network, should be regarded as a professional Car Buying site, you can directly support online ordering, BITAUTO franchise dealers across the country, but the feeling is too commercial, pure and sell a car to sell the car.

is mainly in the city bus network Car Buying service, with the car compared to its service range is relatively small, only in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Shandong City, the car, but in the online car city, you can directly communicate with dealers, very good.

then introduce Shu Shu network, though it is a Sichuan sub station of "car online http://s.www.cheline.cn/". But all aspects of the information are relatively sound, Shu car network is a simple looking, but it is very convenient to use

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