Another way of promoting local websites

for contact with the SEO website optimization friends should know whether you chain or soft, or search Baidu search engine for your own website is not Baidu’s own product to the fast, therefore, have emerged some good ideas.

Baidu know promotion, Baidu encyclopedia promotion, Baidu map promotion, Baidu business card promotion, and today I want to introduce to you Baidu stick promotion.

maybe some friends will say, stick to promote me to do, and the effect is not obvious, hair more, will delete post.

well, the method I introduced today might give you some guidelines (but I think the local portals, classified information, and other sites are more effective)

Baidu Post Bar I believe everyone will play, but Post Bar each place is not the same, if it is their own when the owner, advertising just hair, but if someone else is Lord, you send the ad will stay there a few seconds

?A look at the

when I was in a Post Bar, saw a similar QQ tail users below, as long as the user’s post, will have this thing, but the text is separated, after understanding, for this kind of hard for the implantation of the ad, it is unable to deal with the Post Bar. In this way, as long as you are actively involved in the exchange of user, everyone will see your advertising, do the local network publicity, in addition, post information is reserved for Post Bar, search engine spiders crawling there is no temptation this self-evident.

for grassroots webmaster, website operation itself is not an easy thing, need more or their own ideas and opinions, and then communicate with friends, so everyone will progress.

this article originated from Yanshi port original, reproduced please explain the source, thank you!


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