Use brands to fight Baidu’s powerful algorithms

Baidu Webmaster Platform recently pocketed the major industry webmaster "eyeball", Scindapsus 2 update algorithm, Scindapsus algorithm 2 interpretation, talk about the chain, Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders, I believe that every webmaster announcement let beyond count "at a loss" or "heave great sighs", lying in the gun the safe and sound angry, very fortunate, I want to tell you is that it should not be a "yes" reflected in Baidu webmaster, the powerful algorithm under attack, what do you use to keep yourself and Taishan collapse and regard with equanimity and "station" does not change color, if you don’t know or thought is not clear, so I recommend that you can refer to the following recommendations:


how many people heard the first impressions of the brand is the brand of our small company, if you think so, then that you understand the concept of the brand in the intense media advertising, to borrow WeChat public number a tagline: then a small individual, but also has its own brand. Especially the Internet brand,


then give a general idea and concept about the establishment of online brand. Because of the length of space, I can privately talk about the details,


one, positioning: brand positioning, service positioning, audience positioning, social marketing system positioning

brand positioning refers to the products in the market similar products in the advantages and network selling point, as well as products in the cost of all aspects of the network occupies an overwhelming advantage. Some friends might say, "I don’t see my product having a particularly obvious advantage. What I want to say is that the advantages are contrast and packaging, and the relative advantages of packaging are certain advantages."

audience and social media promotion, the audience analysis will not go into, you must know what their products are sold to people! And social marketing platform to choose personal analysis, know the product potential consumers gathered in the social marketing system that a clear analysis of the audience you are going through you after the social search, social video, social community, social media such as


two, the core of social marketing method,


social marketing in search is perhaps the most popular people, sometimes Baidu, Google, Sogou, brought 360 search engine traffic and conversion rate is amazing, so the webmaster almost all the energy in the above please search engine, in order to target keywords ranking and ranking! While ignoring the essence of social marketing: business customers to share content interact to share interests between customers to buy! About social marketing must understand the picture below

three, execution is the foundation of good results!


search engine SEo optimization (focusing on branding)

1: website design and construction, page color matching with consumer psychology aesthetic, this >

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