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The innovation of

technology has led to the rapid development of the design industry, which makes designers and developers have a broader field of exploration. And web design is no longer so routine, many teams and companies have done a lot of thinking and creativity. Therefore, while we are adapting to the trend of modern design, we might as well look at the general trends and styles of web design at this stage. This is the moment that the web design trends I did not dare to boast without shame, some small sum up this but I made on the current web design. I hope this kind of classified summary can give you more ideas and ideas.

1. responsive Web Design (Responsive, Web, Design)

is now more and more users have a variety of terminals: desktop, laptop, tablet computer, mobile phone, can adapt to different size screen "is the trend now, even the future design trends for a long period of time. Then, responsive web design is a solution to this problem. This special development approach ensures that the page adapts to different resolutions and allows the reorganization of the page elements so that they can achieve the best visual effects both on the vertical tablet computer and on the smart phone.

in addition to the diversification of multi terminal, we can also see our computer screen, mobile phone screen is larger, but in the future life prediction, concept design, "screen" this product is to be applied to a variety of new platforms on. For example, Microsoft released the "future life concept video" in the kitchen, interior walls, offices, glass walls have become interactive platform. Therefore, we can find that responsive web design has good adaptability and plasticity, which will occupy a pivotal position in future web design.


2. full page web design (Full Screen Design)

The so-called

design regardless of graphic design in recent years, in the "purity" of the "blank" concept has also been designed to learn the Internet, in order to highlight the subject more simple, to provide a more comfortable sensation, many websites began to use full screen web design, the use of carefully selected beautiful background design, plus a reasonable page layout. The visual impact can be very good to attract the attention of visitors. Usually, the content of the page won’t be particularly large (a small amount of text will appear to be more attractive with exquisite typography), mainly with pictures. This kind of website is often used in photography, teams or personal collections, and exhibitions are more common. Although simple and seductive, but the bearer of information is limited, the company’s home page rarely seen such design.


3. parallax scrolling design (Parallax, Design)

parallax design, in recent years, is called Web

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