Open source successful experiences of Chinese commercial websites sharing initial development

China commercial web site, launched in June 2005, has been three and a half years, the search for "commercial", the first row of Baidu, Google ranked third (after the NetEase, Alibaba, PR=6), a daily flow of hundreds of thousands, has become China businessmen preferred Internet navigation station. Well, how does the Chinese business website work out? Here, let’s share our experiences and lessons.

1, site positioning

2005, Kuang Tian has just started learning to be a station master. Although a few years ago also piecemeal done some websites, but just do, spread to space, as for promotion, almost never done. So, everything is new, learn from scratch. I have never been interested in business, but I don’t know much about the specific industry. What kind of websites do I have? And many webmasters begin, I want to start simple and make a website. So, under the soil of a web site procedures, first pass up to say.

looking back, the popular web site to do too many people, too much competition, the red sea like sardines can swim is not what a pleasant thing. Then contact some concept of industry website, open soil has always been adhering to the "better be the head tail" concept, do it best, do the best, do not do the wedding dress for others, why? I decided to do a piece of this industry site navigation.

at that time, there have been several sites to do industry navigation, such as business treasure (then do not call this, the URL is When is the net a staff in the project, there are Chinese chemical network, China Textile Network and its own website support flow rising quickly. I think they are doing the site navigation and together, after all, is to do with the power of the company, and then copy the URL, full guide over, the comment function is good, also learn to come. Having done all this, I still feel a little short of something. Website called Chinese commercial web site, since it is business, not just the industry website, there should be enterprise website. So, to some enterprises Yellow Pages station, collected tens of thousands of enterprise web site. Well, both industry and enterprise web site,

, also be accomplished!

two, domain name

has a few simple principles for choosing domain names:

1 must be the.Com domain name. The or.Cn domain names are not very valuable, but once the.Com station, our job is to work for them.

2, no more than 6 characters. Long, on the one hand, do not remember, on the other hand, they are tired of playing web sites.

3, the domain name can be the beginning of phonetic combination, also can be a combination of numbers and letters.

in accordance with the above principles, Kuang prepared a number of domain names as follows:,,, 360hao.>

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