Talk about website operations in the medical profession

A large outbreak of

in recent years the private medical industry, led everyone thought the medical profession is all in the industry the most profitable and most lucrative industry, but when you really come in will find that the salary of a bitter. I was accidentally entered the industry, the industry did not do before I tell myself not to touch two, in the first row is medical, when it entered the industry found that job is a real challenge. I have been in the north of the electronic industry, hard work, previously done more inclined to products, and now do Zhumadian new century hospital brand reputation and local market demand is a collection.

you mentioned the medical industry site, the impression is similar pattern, a lot of homogenization of medical soft, many local hospitals throughout the web design are dense, all hate all the relevant title describes the long tail are added, of course it may be effective in these two years before, the search engine has been constantly changing, especially according to the medical industry adjustment, so that more and more operators to promote a very helplessly in the bidding on the burn, widely circulated SEO content for the emperor King chain in the medical industry almost impossible. Every medical website a lot of information updates, is the result of editors not to pay attention to the quality of the entire industry, all of the articles are nearly identical, outside the chain almost all over the news source and local classified information, because now Baidu products has become more and more difficult, 100 families now have extended reading cancelled this result the result is more dependent on medical website news source, while in China, the whole medical industry, the news source also just some local news websites can release co.. Perhaps bidding for king, consultation for the emperor, this sentence is more suitable for medical websites.

for medical sites, if only from certain words to do rankings, almost impossible, even if you can row to the natural first, there are 10 bidding ranking waiting for you. Of course, no SEOER promises what you can do with Baidu or Google. Now the industry as a whole, I feel more important is to do integrated marketing, so do not go to simply do rankings. The specific content of the medical website involves more, Department of disease and so on, do you put in the local market demand and competition as well as medical information resources and equipment to make it clear to the hospital before, with department to disease analysis from their own comparative advantages and then start covering.

for the overall framework of the medical website, not here, one by one details, how to do, mainly to share some of their own experience. For the medical industry website, do not blindly add content, but to distinguish between primary and secondary, conditioning fresh, from the user’s point of view of demand, and then design the layout of the page. The medical website layout tend to be invited to occupy the box, so the window of time and frequency, according to the current page to design, many websites that are unified design, this is the result when visitors really need to read your web content and frequent popups >

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