Zhoukou Fugou Henan branch to take four measures to improve the quality of cigarette retail

cigarette terminal retail quality, will be able to directly affect the results of the sale, for this reason, not only the retail store owners are more concerned about the local governments concerned. In order to further consolidate the results of the construction of modern cigarette retail terminal, recently, Henan, Fugou branch actively take measures to enhance the quality of modern cigarette retail terminal operation of the.

is a focus, play the role of the terminal model. Closely combined with the actual work, clear retail terminal goal of building and construction standards, and constantly improve the quality of modern retail terminal construction, continue to strengthen the existing terminal management level, give full play to the leading role of the demonstration of advanced terminal.

two is a solid foundation to strengthen the sweep code sales. To strengthen the daily supervision and management of retail terminal, make full use of the retail terminal management information system, the retail terminal daily business conduct supervision and guidance, ensure that the modern terminal sales, inventory maintenance timely scan code accurately.

three is a positive interaction, improve customer management capabilities. Deep retail terminal resources, and strive to achieve the cigarette marketing from the client oriented to extend consumer oriented, adapt to the market, to meet the demand from the consumer guide and create demand extension; actively expand new marketing guidance platform, make full use of WeChat, QQ and other modern means of communication, strengthen the terminal customer management guidance, improve the terminal customer management ability.

four is to strengthen the assessment, to ensure the effectiveness of the work. Gradually improve the evaluation system of terminal construction work, quantify the work content, continuing to enhance the terminal construction work quality; strengthen the construction of terminal work assessment efforts, strictly implement the work system, the timely detection of problems, clear corrective measures, and constantly improve the terminal construction work.

because of changes in policy, although cigarette sales profit is not small, but now a lot of retail business situation is not optimistic, because of this, Henan Zhoukou Fugou County branch will take four of such measures, so as to help more retail stores can make the business more popular development.

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