Website management is characteristic of life

many webmaster are confused, why do I do the same website with others, others can succeed, and I still stay in place. Here is a combination of my website to do some analysis,.

1) site positioning

why do you want to do such a website, which service personnel or said the circle is what kind of people. This website can bring what. Sorting station is for everyone or find all kinds of information. Demand for the release of real estate websites in order to understand the real estate related information. I see a lot of the net station. You have what classification I want to I want to see what the specific website, want to know what kind of things. I want to know Admin5 is the webmaster information, I want to go behind the forum is to solve the problem. This is because of their position at that point. Don’t do what, busy every half a year down what is not do a good job. For example, my website (source Empire) is positioned on the source. Others do not know a person involved. Because their energy is very limited. Can do better than others is only a very small area of.

2) site features

now is not to say go China characteristics of social attention to the road? A, a country has its own most proud of the capital. The most distinctive thing. That is the vitality of.08 China showed to the world is to unite with others will pay attention to distinctive firm and inflexible. You will be impressed with you.

The website features

website is the website of life. See a website success firstly depends on your website is not unique, there is something different with other sites. For example, figure King Admin5 actually webmaster kind website when he has done a lot, why he insisted on doing the webmaster related the site because he is different from other websites webmaster things. Or make different with other peer characteristics. Such as webmaster trading ah, the original article is a lot of.

summed up a little bit of experience. I hope you do before the station has to consider. Do stand class, do a good job standing more tired. Make your own features. Maybe you are not far from the success of.

above article from the source Empire

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