Through the station optimization improve home keywords ranking

for a web site’s home page and channel page gathering of the weight of the highest ZhengZhan, so when the main keyword home page and channel page is determined, how to optimize, enhance the main keywords ranking? Introduce one of the more effective methods for Ian here: the home page is a channel or as article treat! Enhance correlation with page conversion experience! Like writing as the keywords and content very well together, the home is also very effective method, and the ranking is more stable! Face to introduce the specific steps:

1, home page optimization, promotion keywords ranking four major points

Collection and analysis of

1. long tail words

optimization on the home page in the collection, need a large number of long tail word, these long tail word many people use them to do the Ian, but with a long tail word is not only used in writing, in order to optimize the overall planning of the site, analysis of high frequency words through the long tail word in the early, can be a good the layout of the page content;

2. keyword high-frequency words summary


keyword high-frequency words summary, a few words is relatively high in the collection of all the long tail word; through these words, can analyze the user of the main keywords derived demand, informed of the needs of users, will be able to further analyze the potential needs of users;

3. keywords user requirements analysis

High frequency words focus on the

user is usually a keyword as the core needs of users, through the "large market" derivative content than do random, more effective with long tail words, users more love;

4. uses high-frequency word sets to analyze the layout of the home page or the keyword density

Keywords density home web site

how are you doing? By deliberately stressed, repeatedly appear? Page keyword density does not depend on the heap, Ian here the need of a user, the keyword density is very good: use keywords to filter out the high-frequency words as keyword density. This way, on the one hand, to avoid accumulation of keywords suspected of cheating, on the other hand, let the search engine better through the relevant words to analyze the center of gravity of the page, more important is: do so, "users prefer"!!!


two, principle analysis,

1. answer the user’s questions, enhance the viscosity of the page

in some high frequency words is not necessarily the user demand, but that demand; if the site can solve the user’s questions and guide users to buy into users, so that users not only to the main website, search engine is also very happy, happy.

2. allows users to get more and improve the click conversion rate of

has high frequency words for keywords. You can prepare for them in advance, and they’ll probably feel good too

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