Station thinking party gathering

relatively speaking, I always don’t love this party, the character is kind of quiet type, there is free time, usually love to see the book. Or sleep, so the interpersonal circle is relatively narrow, and today’s society is a social circle, you want to succeed, complex network of relationships, is your prerequisite for success. A few days ago, I saw a QQ friend’s signature as follows: "in twenty-first Century, what is the most expensive?". Talent and contacts of one word, can be said to state a lot. Therefore, I joined the webmaster industry for a year, but also in efforts to expand their network of contacts, but because of personal talent and personality charm is limited, has not been great progress. But in the big and small party, get some thinking, you can share some of the webmaster’s party experience.

1, networking development.


circle is a collection of resources, groups of people, who your friends are, and what you are. In a few years ago, a chat with a friend to open factories, he said to buy about 300 thousand cars, at that time I did not understand, ask why to buy such an expensive car, he said, for a time, the car is a circle, with a circle of people together. In groups, Birds of a feather flock together.. (Note: thought determines the situation, so he’s the boss, and I’m still working. Blame yourself!)

webmaster gathering, the first goal should be the expansion of contacts. Now there are many webmaster, traffic has, the site is also designed very beautiful, but unfortunately is not profitable. In this case, in the webmaster circles can be found everywhere, and some webmaster, that is, IP very poor, and also earn pots and bowls are full. It’s all about networking.

2, integration of resources.


site is a complex, and it is not only a good hand can earn the money, the website from planning, program, interface design, SEO processing, advertising cooperation, promotion and so on, for these things, many webmaster is a person completely fix. In fact, these are great deviation, in other words, you can master a, two, but you can not all be proficient, so webmaster aggregation is to integrate these resources, and then everyone through the exchange and help each other to grow in the form of their own websites.

For example,

and web traffic switching, website link, website each provide information release website source, jointly organized activities, I personally think that these are all grassroots webmaster can worth consideration and reference.

3, well-informed

information comes from all sides, and if you have multiple sources of information, perhaps you will soon be able to do something about it. Here, let me give you a case that happened earlier:

, a former colleague, made a peanut shell to analyze their in-house OA system, but when it was done, it was >!

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