This paper discusses how to improve the interactivity of forum websites

I think many webmaster have done BBS, because BBS type website has ready-made CMS system is available, in the website model also has more cases can draw on. As the Web 2 model forums, the registered members and registered members, between sites, registered members and visitors interaction is the lifeline of this kind of website, if only one station in the forum amuse themselves, so also lost the meaning of forum. Today, I want to discuss how to improve the interactivity of forum websites.

first, the management of the webmaster team.

website, one final battle is not a permanent solution, to attract a large number of talents is the key. In the cost of most webmaster considerations, we can divide the moderators into three levels, namely, internship moderator, try moderator, formal moderator.

for the internship moderator, only asked him 3 days a week login forum, as much as possible to publish some posts, reply to some posts. This stage mainly inspects quantity, but not too high to the content quality request. Practice moderators can be more, mainly active popularity. General practice moderators do not take wages, the site can provide some resources, prizes, etc., to the practice moderator, to encourage. For the trial moderator, ask to see the forum every day. Release some news and subject matter; discuss members’ posts, replies, and topics. You can give the moderator some salary, but not too high, 100 or 200 yuan per month. From the trial moderator, select a number of people when the official moderator, responsible for the overall content of the website construction, topic speculation. The official moderator should be considered as a regular employee of the website, allowing them to actively participate in online and offline activities and benefit from the development of the site.

second, management of website resources.

users are the most important resource for Forum web sites, and it’s important to have a good membership management module. The webmaster needs to perfect the information and information of important users, active users and opinion leaders, and classify them, and set up a complete library of members and experts. At the same time, do some user life cycle management, increase the target population (usually 20 to 35 years of age) viscosity. In addition, some commonly used means of webmaster can also consider using, such as the establishment of the site of the classified QQ group, regularly out of the site members of electronic journals, regular offline member activities.

third, exactly why you want to improve interactivity.

enhances the interactive nature of the forum, which the webmaster is always dreaming of, but it can not improve interactivity in order to improve interactivity. It needs to be combined with the web site’s product or the entire profit model to make it more effective. For example, a document resource download column, the need to increase interactivity is not strong, as long as the webmaster to provide accurate and reliable documents for members to download it. However, the online question and answer column needs more interactive activities, and every day there is a special person responsible for the timely processing of the problems raised. At the same time, the requirement of interactivity is also >

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