New Growth Diary 69 days from March to now

began surfing the Internet around January 2008, knowing what a website program was in February and quitting in March……

, like most webmasters, I started with free stuff. My major is a brewer, but I love doing station design. Maybe I love math. I like the study of addicted code. So in March I will die to resign with my salary and I loved the rising sun 420M notebook away from home, the original idea was to rent a small house to study hard I believe I can make it a year! On the outside of the day for 12 days, [because I grew up with a diary no matter what time writing habits of five drawers are dozens of books] my girlfriend told me my mother every day at home, dad is leading although how not like my mother cry but I know that my girlfriend also said again why want to go with me to say?! what you do I have to support why don’t you come with me!. I hung up the phone without a word……… In these 12 days, I met a big brother and told me what to do, saying I felt the same impulse as I did 5 years ago…… So, come back, I wrote when I was homesick tears have, I do at the computer really like me homesick at this time, I was not at home, the parents gave me no empty house decoration in the new house to buy some daily necessities and there is only a bed, of course my the "dream" – beloved computer.

Get up at 4:30 the morning of

, update the site to eat at 8 began to look at the Admin5 Webmaster Station news soft bubble forum this is must do every day, although very humble but this is important! If you like me now just beginning to make the schedule its own law this is on your way to maintain the faith, if do you want to do is stay up if I can certainly not 3 months you will lose the direction of their own, even if you are out of your body with high


every night at the moment, only in a room of their own hard to look forward to, of course, and a kind partner has been encouraging me. See everyone’s soft Wen, really touched a lot, and some soft Wen see will let me continue to keep the passion to do the station, of course, some see will make me confused…………… Here, thank you for all the Webmaster Station to our things, not only the least information and knowledge, but also a kind of life, remember there is an article: do stand, and life. Do stand is also a kind of life, if you choose such a life, let us cherish and happy, treasure, because your choice is not easy, happy because you, I am a webmaster.

"do what you love and get some money to support it." – you can do it,

and I started to buy a big brother introduced others 2007 domain name:   the key is: the latest movie, just yesterday rose to the first page of Baidu, I am happy for a day but in the morning and back to the third page, I cry to ask why!! the eldest brother said data >

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