Rely on popular movies to increase traffic flow to increase income to transition

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some time ago to run a movie station on their own server’s local movie downloads, encountered a very troublesome problem, is collecting and hotlinking, serious waste of the bandwidth of the server, I believe that many movie webmasters may also have such experience, even spared no expense to buy the chain system, then think this is not the way to go. So learning the station approach, simply put ads in the movie, with a pop effect should be good;

then quickly use Baidu Search for tools, spent 50 yuan to buy a video to add popups tool, the seller sent me a video watermarking, bought the software began immediately after all the movies are added to the pop and watermark LOGO;

this is afraid other people do not steal, I even take the initiative to send real address to each popular forum, return is good, site traffic is also increasing, advertising revenue also increased a lot…

transition chapter

traffic came up after a period of excitement, but some of the domestic union really can not exciting. So think of it, not as good as making money directly, the server overhead is also large, but also maintenance, but also very troublesome;

then put the station + space + domain name + video plus pop-up tools packaged, transferred, and his heart to advertise;

make money chapter

goes to the Baidu charts to find popular movies, such as the latest Bruce Lee legend, or to think about what men like to see most, to those X stations, the flow is great, but not here,

felt that the movie is too large to download trouble, can find small fragments, download after adding pop, pop play is very simple, what? What money bomb what to click on ads, SP, registration, Ali mother and so on can be


if you think the manual propagation is too slow, there is a more simple way, directly uploaded to the thunder, popular movies or video traffic is scary, accounting down, do the movie station in thunder transfer plus upload movie time maintenance, income more than a few times, especially with the server,.


common communication, hope to novice webmaster a little help, if you already know, passing by can be,

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