Forum management needs to join innovative thinking about how to innovate forum management

forum management has always been a big problem for moderators. The thinking of moderators is that management is too strict, forums are not energetic, management is too loose and forums are too limited. Faced with this situation the author thinks to join the innovation forum management needs, the use of innovative breakthrough forum management shackles, let the moderator good management forum, forum members enjoy the results, then we should be how to manage innovation forum? The author will from the forum moderators and members of the management for the webmaster.

A version of

. The main patient, many registered members in the forum published some illegal posts are members of catharsis, this time you don’t let him propaganda immediately remove his post, then this would be a member of you to vent their dissatisfaction with the forum, many forum members braved the risk even if the account is them to call you a few words at this case, how the operation will be a good forum? So moderators in delete posts must master a degree, the post was deleted in the membership vent after twentieth minutes, when the members of the discontent has been mostly catharsis, even if you delete his post also, he did not feel what, instead you will care about this forum, remember to delete posts: master a degree.

two. The main version here is not willing, willing to call you but when the moderator bleeding, to engage in activities in the forum have some needed supplies and rewards will surely be put, many forum moderators to tens of dollars on the loss of reputation, there are some activities for their registered a number of awards, for a long time, when there is no a real member of the reward, at that time your forum members will combine against you in this forum, the final result is the forum closed. Remember: be sure to give up.


three version. The main kind, do not own positioning is a moderator management staff, but should be positioning itself in a service personnel, we think that if we every word hard, deep cold, then the members of the attitude to us will be okay? Even now need not member of this forum on the word, so when he does not need? Don’t run the forum? So moderator for each member must be polite, here it is not that you give up but in principle, adhere to the original on the basis of moderate to every user, remember: gentle attitude will help you win more people’s preferences.

four. Members should be reasonable and temptation, the temptation here is to let your membership through some fresh things, the members of the vision from the negative to the temptation which hand they can grasp the initiative of aspects, such as membership today to explore some unhealthy content, this time we can collect some useful information in the Internet, through the top of the way for members to see, so people will change the subject, this is when you succeed in doing temptation moderator.

five. Members should visit regularly. It is possible that moderators of many forums never pay attention to it. In the eyes of many moderators, members should be "version"

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