Store conversion rate is low baby evaluation you do it

baby details page, in the shop conversion process, played a vital role. Now, more and more sellers are paying attention to optimizing the details page, but it is not enough to optimize the details page only. The details page can stimulate buyers’ desire to buy, but if the evaluation information of the baby is poor, general or not evaluated, it will be greatly discounted when the final order is converted. Therefore, in order to effectively improve the conversion rate, not only to do the details of the baby page optimization, but also to optimize the baby evaluation. Well, if you do the optimization of baby evaluation,


online shopping has a very big characteristic is that many people will have a herd mentality. For a baby, if the sale is better, in the subconscious of many buyers, baby is good, there will be more buyers to buy. However, sales are often not very true, so buyers will tend to look at the evaluation information of the baby, and the quality of the evaluation will have a great impact on the buyer’s purchasing behavior. So, how can we do the optimization of baby evaluation, which requires us to solve the following problems:

1. Why do most buyers pay attention to the content of the evaluation,


because online shopping buyers can not contact the real baby, can not try out, buyers can only through the seller’s description and baby pictures to understand the baby. However, there is still a gap between the baby and the actual one. And baby evaluation information, just can objectively reflect the buyer’s true feelings, for the baby did not buy the buyer is a good guide. For a simple example, the first tomato eating man in the world was brave, but many people saw tomatoes before. For baby evaluation is similar, if there is no baby evaluation, many buyers even like baby, may not order. Therefore, it is important for the store to optimize the evaluation of the baby.

two, sellers in the evaluation of optimization errors

many sellers realize the importance of baby evaluation to buyers, in order to make buyers more intuitive to see evaluation information, it will be a good screenshot on the baby details page. This superfluous behavior, not only plays a positive role, will cause resentment of the buyers. Therefore, we should pay special attention to this point.

three, how to do good store baby evaluation?

first of all, to ensure the quality of goods, this is the most critical factor. Second, encourage more buyers to evaluate, such as "polite" or "small gifts". In addition, it is also a very critical step, that is, to understand the good buyers of what details of the baby more attention, in order to make you better understanding of the following small series of four major industries, for example, to resolve the specific:

1, buyers evaluation of women’s clothing industry information content requirements;

2, buyers of beauty industry evaluation information content requirements;

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