22 rules for Chen Guangfeng an old webmaster

1. watch the Internet industry news every day

do your job and love your party. You have to keep an eye on the latest developments in the Internet industry, the so-called industry trends, and the future direction of these developments. You can not often bubble BBS, but as a webmaster, you have to pay attention to Baidu Internet news, understand big events; intensive grass-roots network IT information; on the webmaster nets see actual combat skills; subscribe to iResearch expert column. A RSS subscription for half an hour every day good habits, flowers, all understand.

2. do what you want to do,

interest is the best teacher, not afraid of you will not, afraid you do not love, choose a field you like, play your special skills, combined with your resources, do it. If you love Lang Xianping, you can do a Lang Xianping fan; if you are good at playing the piano, you can do if you will dazzle; DIV, you can do a DIV lovers, what they are interested in contact every day, the mood can not happy? The greatest pain is to do something you don’t want to do stationmaster, the greatest pain is not interested in doing their own and do not make money station.

3. starts from the small station, first lives, then develops

do not stand small, but do not stand up and do well. The webmaster is most afraid of Yangaoshoudi, do want to do a portal, think better than Zhang Zhaoyang, died faster than mayflies. Do the station has small skills, as a grassroots, must have 18 free promotion like "Wu Yi", when I started doing www.97dhc.net.cn, try a lot of promotion methods, finally discovered that in fact are then several effective. And different stations have different practices, so you can not see what the most popular 101 sites in 2009 promotion methods, more importantly, actual combat, the first to make money, and then steadily.

4. has plans, goals, and time to benefit

webmaster are very free, time is not regular, life is not regular, because you are a long standing, what you want to do, so time management is very important. It can be said that under the same IQ, who manages the time, who creates the income is big. We must learn to set goals, plan, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or not, do the "5 year plan" that is nonsense. Recently, a book called "time to benefit", we have time to look at.

5. sees the report

only once a day

as a webmaster, visits, most concerned about is the site of the income statement, but you don’t need to always check the website of IP, the income, the income will not because you see it to send you some! If you have 10 a few stops, you may one day to night the time spent watching the data. So you can choose either morning or evening is enough. Analysis of the data, the adjustment will be adjusted, do know fairly well.


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