School district food items which

school district popular business projects which? Certainly can not be separated from food, so today Xiaobian to share some of the food items can be invested in the hope that you can help you seize the school district market, get the desired income, if you want to know more, welcome to see.

1, Kanto cook

Oden is the bamboo on the fish, after careful modulation of the stock Rice-meat dumplings outside after boiling, and then put into the soup cup in the food, a tempting smell, taste fresh food at that time, meticulous, eloquence that generates perfume lingering flavor, taste a back, will be back off. Look at the main individual provinces in 5-8 yuan. How much later on closed East cook a bowl of soup, eat breakfast do, students, women and work family favorite. The characteristics of the school gate snacks are sold throughout the day, even if there are 100 customers selling fees, you can lose 200-300 yuan. This name is difficult to operate alone, do not need to take care of the Bo care, can be in supermarkets, tourist spots, such as the outskirts of the business, but also run.

2, gimbap

school gate features snacks in the seaweed put a layer of rice after adding carrots, eggs, artificial crab meat, spinach and other 4~5 kinds of materials after the roll, and then used to cut into small pieces of food. In addition to the board, and a mini gimbap. One, it is very convenient to eat.

3, spicy

The school gate

special snack Malatang is a good choice, Malatang from the Yangtze River, the last time, is one boat and women invented Malatang fiber. The school gate special snack Malatang from Sichuan to the Three Gorges in Wushan should be the main, this area because of slow water flow, they are pushing the short fiber in the river, a few stones, throw away crock, scoop a few gourd River, on the line to do the fire, into the tank with shame, not spoil vegetables, vegetables on the conditions, put some dishes, add hot pepper, pepper and other spices, Shabu eat, eat first taste of beauty is not OK, not eat, but also can drive heat, remove dry; make convenient cooking custom in river edge attack. This is the origin of hot and spicy.

4, bay room

modern people pay more and more attention to the quality of food, especially in the original taste of food. Small investment quick business, the sale of fresh squeezed fruit juice is to meet the needs of the people of the city. The customer came, the juice is squeezed to sell now, that is, drink go, like what kind of fruit on what kind of fruit. Open fruit juice house, you just need more than a dozen square meters of indoor area, but the decoration must be chic chic, it is best to set the room into a fruit shape. Then put a meter long inside the bar, try to squeeze some of the fruit as much as possible to do everything. Imagine a glass of orange juice and milk in front of the counter

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