Development of rural electricity providers to promote employment and Entrepreneurship

2016 two sessions on the issue of rural entrepreneurship is of concern, Li Wai proposal, the development of rural electricity providers, can promote employment and entrepreneurship. Indeed electricity supplier development, the development of the rural economy has brought a very good opportunity.

Analysis of

2015, the National Express practitioners conservative estimate of more than 2 million people, an increase of more than times more than in 2005. Employment structure, the first line courier accounted for more than 90%, of which more than 90% of rural household registration staff, the family in the same enterprise employment situation is very common. Electricity supplier warehouse also effectively promote social employment.

  I believe that the development of rural electricity supplier this proposal for solving the problem of rural entrepreneurship has a great help. Of course, want to better solve the problem of rural entrepreneurship, but also need to continue to support and improve the policy.



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