Man stealing roommate bank card brush 4000 yuan to resign was eventually arrested run away

men steal roommate bank card, 4000 yuan after the theft and fear of being arrested in a hurry to resign. Has been arrested by the police. Because of greed and lost his job and went to prison, The loss outweighs the gain.

man due to cash strapped a treasonous, while actually not in the unit dormitory roommate bank card stolen, with a roommate told the password fraudulent 4000 yuan, due to fear of being arrested to resign. Recently, the Tongzhou police arrested suspects arrested liu. Currently, Liu has been under criminal detention according to law.

in January 11th this year, 9 pm, Tongzhou police station received Hugezhuang principal Secretary police said 17 pm yesterday, the mobile phone to receive SMS alerts, the bank card is to withdraw 4000 yuan. When he returned to his dormitory, he found that he had lost his wallet on the bed. The query bank card transaction records, cash card in January 10th 16 PM, was removed in Tongzhou District Lucheng Town, a bank ATM machine.

upon review, the suspect Liu confessed because of the money, saw the victim lying on the bed after the wallet to harm him, a victim told his bank card password stolen, and to a nearby bank ATM machine removed 4000 yuan in cash, for fear of being arrested afterwards to the boss to resign. Theft roommate 4000 yuan in cash has been returned to account for $900, the remaining 3100 yuan on the newly found temporary residence.

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