Shop name taboo good shop how to name

now in the whole venture and shop, want to open a store to store money successfully, a good name is very important, try the shop name let the boss have a headache, the name loud and not directly related to the business hot or not.

name for the people is just a symbol, but the name is also the first impression to people, for now entrepreneurs, the new shop or to call the company’s name must not be ignored, it has a close relationship with your company.

Second, unlucky words without

store opened for business is booming, but the same meaning, unlucky commercial naming taboo. Because it not only let the master have a bad name Lenovo, the more important is that it will affect others on the subject, so it is one thing, auspicious words will make people look very uncomfortable, but unlucky words will let a person produce a kind of resistance and alienation from psychological.

Third, no readability words without


should have readability, but is not to have a very deep meaning, to let people understand that one to see, and not with the abstruse and obscure words, it will be very easy to let people do not understand, in the face of a public service shop, the name actually contains so mysterious allusions it is easy to let a person cannot read.

In fact,

for many stores, or some companies recommend

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