Li Kaifu the most afraid of smart entrepreneurs do not focus

lead: Mr. Li Kaifu as an investor, a dragonfly FM, and puts forward some suggestions for today’s entrepreneurs, to express their own views.


written in front of the words: Dragonfly FM is one of the projects of innovation works investment, currently has 200 million users, 10 million active users, a road industry ranked first, the valuation has reached hundreds of millions of dollars. Mr. Li Kaifu as an investor, a dragonfly FM, and puts forward some suggestions for today’s entrepreneurs, to express their own views, also as in the past to his young friends keep expectation and confidence.

entrepreneurs fear the most intelligent people do not focus on

July 13th, Li Kaifu at the dragonfly FM audio broadcast, forthrightly mentions that the mainland young entrepreneurs are very hard, but now there is a maximum resistance, is the entrepreneur very clever ideas, what to do.

"you are not a big company, what want to do, what is very easy to do it, you want to do one thing well, do more things on this basis; second is a rift between our founders, we from Microsoft to apple to innovation works all the way there heard a lot of stories. Entrepreneurship will enlarge the shortcomings of the merits, for example, the beginning of the business did not clear the terms, the final interests of the formation of a difference."

, so, rational need to speak clearly at the beginning, the division of labor decision-making process we want to discuss clearly, so as to solve the problems encountered in entrepreneurship."

FM Li Kaifu is in fact, dragonfly innovation works, in 2011 cast hatch round enterprise, a few years after the dragonfly FM has come to C round, occupies the first platform for Internet audio industry position, and the dragonfly FM several entrepreneurial founder cohesion and complementarity are inseparable.

, Yang Tinghao CEO and dragonfly FM innovation works deep roots, in 2007 Yang Tinghao joined the famous American Video Site Hulu, has been in charge of Chinese business district, after he first joined the entrepreneurial plan innovation works, then a meeting in innovation works, he recognized the dragonfly FM the other two founders: Zhang Qiang (chairman) and Zhao Jiexin (COO), hit it off. A few years later, dragonfly FM formed 200 million of the volume of users.

Innovation workshop in the eyes of a good project

Li Kaifu in the dragonfly FM broadcast said, at present in the domestic investment in more than and 160 companies, the United States invested more than and 20, half reached A round, only the 2014 Innovation workshop cast more than 100 million dollars.

so the success of an entrepreneurial project, the reason is that one is the trend, one is a person.

said the trend is all air, such as Innovation workshop voted early mobile Internet, very early. They say the future is Symbian >

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