What are the college students’ entrepreneurship projects in 2016


2016 time has arrived in May, another year graduates crazy time to find a job, however, good work is limited, a point of the work, many students are not willing to try, in this context, choice of college students is more and more. Of course, if you want to return to entrepreneurship, natural need to choose business opportunities. So, what are the 2016 college students entrepreneurial projects? Let me see small series of.

2016 what are the entrepreneurial projects for college students? Open book bank.

"book" the bank’s profit comes from the deposit, borrow books. If a person in a price of 10 yuan book, kept for a period of one year, the annual interest rate is 10%, which is the book of the annual interest rate of 1 yuan; if the book a year rent out 20 times, according to each received 0.5 yuan calculation, annual gross income is:

20× 0.5 – 1=9 yuan. If the book bank has 5000 books, the annual income is:

5000× 9=45000 element. If the bank sells books and some books, 2000 of the annual sale income is 5000 yuan, "books", the bank annual gross profit will be 5000 yuan, deducting taxes, rent and other expenses 20000 yuan, "books" bank annual net income up to 30000 yuan.

2016 what are the entrepreneurial projects for college students? Open special bookstore.

some people think that, compared with other investments, bay small bookstore is a relatively easy to operate the elegant thing, both leisure and make money, so the bookstore has become a popular choice for many entrepreneurs. At present, the threshold of operating retail books is very low, just to the local press and publication or cultural management department to apply for a business license, and then to the industrial and commercial registration.

2016 what are the entrepreneurial projects for college students? There are no special restrictions on the place of operation. Special offer books in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other places, Changsha book market can enter the wholesale delivery, generally around 82% off, some even have been on the list of best-selling books, popular culture is also a lot of books, if all sold to 50 percent off, the average gross margin of around 300%.

2016 what are the entrepreneurial projects for college students? Open your house.

posted in Japan has been popular for more than 10 years, it is said that Japan’s female high school students have an average of 500 to 1000 large stickers, stickers have become the representative of their image, and even have the potential to replace the signature. Open a fotocall phase it naturally profitable, although.

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