Homophonic name interesting and appropriate

it is well known that the name of the shop, we can have a lot of ways, which is named homophonic one of many shopkeepers in the use of the method. Do you remember the fire on the Internet for a moment? Because a store photos, set off a store named boom, this is the "body shop".

recently, a "body shop" shop is also found in the pack River Wanda Backstreet, the store in order to attract more customers, the pursuit of great pains for offbeat name. Named surprise dinner private food, homophonic Kim Hee Sun quite appropriate. Funny, shocking name indeed pocketed the eye, but also to retain the passers-by hurried footsteps, bring good business.

surprise dinner, simple walled"…… Can you imagine them a catering shop name? Open in the Wanda Backstreet surprise meal dishes, because the funny name Zhuanzu pedestrian eye. This store is not a small background, a stunt, literally is to give people a surprise delicious, is South Korea’s first beauty Kim Hee Sun. Just imagine, see this name that beauty, the heart can not happy?

holding a curious state of mind, will go into a taste of delicious. Private shop owners said surprise meal, his original name is to attract people’s attention, but also proved that the name brings a lot of popularity and good profit to the restaurant. Imagine, if the daily access to the shops are named after the star, it will be so lively?

for this offbeat funny name, people’s different attitudes. Wang said the public can understand the practice of businesses. Some people think that in such a pluralistic society change rapidly, not afraid not afraid of creative, funny and creative, those funny name is a kind of precious folk wisdom. "The name reflects the personality itself is a kind of creative spirit."

also some people think that this is the full title of the party. These businesses choose gimmick full name, so as to attract the attention of customers to the new in order to be different, but the "eye effect" is only temporary, to operate in the long term, the real business, also by virtue of hard skill. The title of the party, after all, not a permanent solution, good quality of service is a gilded signboard.

coincidentally, in addition to this large near the star type name, Hefei still has a lot of personality funny names.

noun homophonic type: three filial piety mouth home restaurant called "Cambodia" (homonym for "Kampuchea"). In Town God’s Temple, I’ve seen a clothing store called "clothing soliciting" (homophonic Iraq).

Using a

(vulgar) language: many names listed in the netizens, with familiar idioms or slang "adaptation".

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