Zhou Heiya adhere to the central kitchen model straight crack standardized problems

do catering projects, often the best choice to get rich quickly. For example, the hero of this article is a good example. In mid December 2010, Hubei black duck food limited company was publicly announced the sky map of venture capital injection of 60 million yuan, and plans to landing A shares in 2015. This is the halogen products processing enterprises this year after Huangshanghuang get fortune venture capital 36 million yuan investment in the second venture capital investment.

2006, Zhou Fuyu began to expand the original individual of the retail business model to a unified logo, clothing, sales management, chain business model, the product line has expanded to include ducks, geese, duck by-products and vegetarian cooked meat products. However, the expansion of the scope of the main camp around Wuhan. The unique taste of the sweet and spicy duck week quickly conquered many diners, especially young fashion groups of women, Zhou Heiya soon developed into a brand known to every family in Wuhan.

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