Some people bet on him as the next Ma these 90 CEO burst out

Yu Jiawen, Chen Anni, Ma Jiajia, Zhang Tianyi these are recently this year by the media attention several 90 entrepreneurs, has also been known to all. Recently, the founder of the gift said Wen Chenghui, there are investors hit $30 million, bet he will become the next Ma Yun, how do you see?

1 –

Wencheng Fai said gift

investors hit $30 million bet I was 90 Ma

why do you want to invest in me? "When I asked my investors, he replied:" my city Hui, we think you may become 90 Ma, we are willing to bet you, accompany you to walk together! "

speaking of Ma Yun, I think I started life in the first company, because the results are often skip class teacher called to the office, they cannot understand said: "Wen Chenghui, you don’t have, you think you are Ma Yun!"

think I want to quit school sophomore, mom and dad said "it is that Ma harm you, the whole Chinese only a Ma, you may become ma? Don’t dream, good reading, the future of the civil service exam is


today, there are investors that I may become 90 Ma! For a moment, this "other people’s children" is no longer a myth for me, but I can Study hard, even one day in the future can equal him predecessors, this let me feel, for this moment. Sufferings are really worth.

2.Powerful (Global no) – Ma Allison

we are a group of "normal people" who have not been castrated

, whose real name is Zhang Mengning, born in August 1990, Yunnan province in 2008 Chinese college entrance exam, graduated from Communication University of China in June 2012. Graduation day opened a school in the vicinity of the creative sex shops powerfu fame, then in all walks of life have exposure, can be described as marketing elite.

February 15, 2014, invited Vanke speech, said "the real estate will sooner or later be overturned, simply do not buy a 90, fire in the real estate sector. June 27th, served as the fashion media group’s fashion COSMO, the new media editor, easy access to the media circle. Have to say, Ma Jiajia is a marketing genius.

and she did not forget the bank, adhere to micro-blog, WeChat sex education. Writing was Dafa, keen fans, sharp and well versed with grass root psychology. Now Powerful flagship store in Sanlitun is known as "China’s most beautiful supplies shop".

3 great Anne Studio –

was born in 1992, Chen Anni has also put a circle of friends maxed out, her touching long micro-blog "1% life" finally launched the "look" comic APP, micro-blog caused more than 400 thousand > in a day

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