Wonderful serialization no qualifications no skills how to have hundreds of millions of property 1

many people are complaining that their degree is too low, I regret that I didn’t learn a good skill, can only lead to today doing no technical content of work at the bottom of society, with a low salary, but also the family, really is a bit poor. It is the opportunity for those who are prepared, no education, no skills can still get rich, this is what a wonderful thing, here take a look at a primary school did not graduate entrepreneurs who made the story.

1, dropped out of college and post doctoral which one is more likely to become a billionaire?

commented: the fact that the role of education, qualifications and ability is not proportional, and achievement is not directly proportional to the.

now give you a choice: education and dreams in front of you, which one do you pursue?

if you choose the degree, you like Colette to become educated slaves, lost the achievements of the great cause of qualification; if you choose your dream, just like Gates to seize the same entrepreneurial opportunities and become the master of fate.

2, low education workers how to become "king of steel"


13 years old, Andrew? Carnegie became a telegraph company in Pittsburgh, the postman. Carnegie in a week with Pittsburgh after two weeks, high streets and back lanes; even suburban streets are familiar with. The company up and down on his dedication to admire.


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