Zhengzhou vigorously promote innovation and Entrepreneurship

innovation is the soul of the enterprise, only constant innovation, enterprises can develop, if a person wants to start a company, you can not ignore innovation. Zhengzhou municipal government in order to encourage innovation, promote public entrepreneurship, introduced a very favorable policy, which is bound to set off a new round of entrepreneurial boom!

7 5 July, the Zhengzhou municipal government issued the "opinions" on the public record of space propulsion mass innovation to accelerate the development of six major projects to promote the innovation of public business, a "entrepreneur" of "everyone innovation" of the new wave.

allowed in Zheng university institutes have scientific and technological achievements of scientific and technological personnel or to undergo entrepreneurial work part-time activities approved by the unit to undergo 3 years of entrepreneurship, to retain their original identity and title, salary promotion archives.

the innovation incubator that, where the county (city or district) for three consecutive years to give 50% of the rent subsidies.

of business failure in incubated enterprises, the core team members pay social insurance for 1 years, did not achieve the employment, the municipal financial subsidies given to 50% of the payment of social insurance premiums, and given a maximum of 6 months of unemployment insurance.

start on the one hand can let the person have the opportunity to achieve the ideal, let people in wealth more freedom, on the other hand, it can solve the problem of urban and rural employment, alleviate employment pressure. So many local governments are vigorously encourage innovation, support entrepreneurship. Zhengzhou municipal government issued the opinions on accelerating the development of public space to promote the creation of public innovation and entrepreneurship to promote entrepreneurship in Zhengzhou has far-reaching influence.


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