[entrepreneurial test] three years after you become rich probability

topic: if you are a big fat man, trying to lose weight, your friend would like to invite you to eat a big meal, what is your intuition his mentality?

A  it’s just not a good idea to ask you to eat

B, simply deliberately tease you look down on your

C, tease you happy hope you easily lose weight

D, distressed you starve too hard to lose weight

E, test your weight loss willpower is not strong enough


A, choose "just by the way that you have no idea what to eat" friend:

you will silently to enrich professional, three years later you will bellies. This type of character is honest and simple so silently will strive to do their share of things, so will the efforts of professional enrichment, although not rich, but because of professional and earned a lot of money.

B, choose "simply deliberately make fun of you to look down upon you" friend:

C, choose to tease you happy hope you easily lose weight friends:

D, choose to love you too hungry to lose weight too hard friends:

E, select "test your weight loss will not be strong enough" friend:


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